What Is the Most Efficient Way to Whiten Teeth?

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Whiten Teeth?

January 1, 2022

The dental health society mentions approximately 96 percent of citizens of America think an attractive smile makes people more appealing. It is why many people are opting for teeth whitening treatments to retain beautiful smiles. For example, dentists providing teeth whitening in New York use hydrogen peroxide ingredients to whiten teeth delivering instant results within the hour to patients. The fad of having a beautiful smile encourages many parents to consider whitening their children’s teeth. However, most parents are not aware of the appropriate age when children can receive teeth whitening treatments. Therefore parents must watch for the warning signs to ensure they do not mess up with the child’s dental health.

Do you want to know more about teeth whitening for children? We suggest you continue reading this article to gain the knowledge essential for the well-being of your child’s dental health.

Appropriate Age for Teeth Whitening in Children

Most parents are unaware of what age they should expose their children to teeth whitening products. Unfortunately, no age-specific time for teeth whitening is available because it depends on the condition of the child’s teeth.

The pediatric dentist, upper East side, recommends children begin developing their permanent teeth before considering teeth whitening treatments. Baby teeth are sensitive to many products available for whitening teeth. Permanent teeth respond well to teeth whitening gel and various other whitening products.

Children’s permanent teeth develop after 13 years when it is safer and comfortable for the child to undergo teeth whitening treatments. However, most dentists recommend age 14 as appropriate to start the process of whitening teeth.

Using Teeth Whitening Products on Children

Parents consider visiting the pediatric dentist when they notice the child’s tooth enamel doesn’t look pearly white anymore. However, are teeth whitening products suitable for children? Unfortunately, the popular brands available on the market can adversely affect your child’s teeth.

Smile up Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics: Dr. Robert Sonn, Dr. Amy Patel, & Dr. Peter H Chen do not recommend using teeth bleaching products on children, especially when purchased over-the-counter. Brands available on the market all have different instructions that parents must follow when using the products on their children. If the products don’t meet the threshold for use by children, parents should refrain from using them.

Pediatric dentists recommend bleaching products that are unsuitable for children until all their primary teeth have fallen off. Therefore parents should make themselves aware of the adverse effects of using teeth whitening products on children.

The most effective products for teeth whitening, even for children, are hydrogen peroxide. Dentists coat children’s teeth with hydrogen peroxide solutions for approximately 30 minutes to make them appear lustrous than earlier. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide solutions for children is best kept low for health safety. Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide products can adversely affect your child’s teeth. Therefore, parents must take children to a pediatric dentist who uses products that will not leave children suffering from pain and sensitivity.

Who Can Whiten Children’s Teeth?

You must choose a qualified pediatric dentist to handle your child’s dental issues because they have the expertise to manage children effectively, even when providing cosmetic treatments. Parents cannot afford to research inexpensive treatments provided by salons or non-dental professionals. In addition, the dentist they choose must have a license to practice besides a remarkable portfolio.

Parents are advised to stay away from DIY procedures that cause more problems than any good. Suppose parents don’t hesitate to visit an orthodontist near you for teeth straightening for their child. In that case, there is no reason why they cannot see a pediatric dentist when seeking teeth whitening treatments for their children. Before considering any products, available over-the-counter parents must consider talking to a pediatric dentist to understand whether the products are suitable for children. Unsuitable home teeth whitening products can leave children with dental problems like damaged gums. Inappropriate teeth whitening solutions can result in burned or permanently bleached gums.

Parents seeking writer teeth for their children can consider teeth whitening toothpaste instead of chemical products. The toothpaste can help children maintain a whiter smile without exposing them to any chemicals. Introducing children to toothbrushing at an early age also helps sustain clean and white teeth. Pediatric dentists recommend that parents teach children to brush their teeth at an early age. The practice allows children to maintain whiter teeth besides teaching them the habit of appropriately caring for their dental health.

Teeth whitening for children is prevalent in America, but parents must understand children’s teeth whitening is best performed by qualified dentists like the ones mentioned in this article.

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