Teeth Whitening Allows You to Hide Your Discolored Teeth and Display Your Smile

Teeth Whitening Allows You to Hide Your Discolored Teeth and Display Your Smile

November 1, 2021

Discolored teeth disallowing you from displaying your smile? You may wish to have whiter teeth but maybe a victim of stains on your teeth from medications during childhood, dental infections, foods, and beverages, or even injuries. Brooding about your discolored teeth will not change their appearance. However, if you visit teeth whitening near New York, the dentist at the facility can whiten your teeth significantly in one visit. Please do not assume teeth whitening is a complicated procedure requiring intense treatments because it is merely a process to make your teeth whiter.

You may think, why must you visit the dentist near New York to get your teeth whitened when you can comfortably purchase teeth whitening products from the neighborhood pharmacy or the convenience store. However, it will help to understand the differences between teeth whitening at home or receiving teeth whitening in 10075 from a qualified dentist. Teeth whitening products in neighborhood pharmacies are merely to whiten your teeth by removing surface stains. On the other hand, the New York dentist whitens your teeth by removing surface and intrinsic stains to leave you with a brighter smile lasting six months to three years with proper dental hygiene.

What Is the Difference between Teeth Whitening and Bleaching?

Teeth whitening requires you to brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste containing abrasive agents to scrub away the surface stains. On the other hand, bleaching treatments involve using highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide by qualified dentists over your teeth to remove both extrinsic and intrinsic stains.

If you decide to use teeth whitening products, you will likely not observe quick results until you use the products for a prolonged period. You can find some teeth whitening toothpaste with drugstores promising you they will change the color of your teeth by one shade every week. However, if you have severe discoloration, you will likely find the claims disappointing, especially if you need to change the appearance of your teeth for a special occasion or event.

On the other hand, bleaching treatments provided by dentists improve the appearance of your teeth by 3 to 8 shades in one professionally applied in-office teeth whitening treatment. For example, teeth whitening in New York, NY, provides instant results giving you whiter and brighter looking teeth to display a beautiful smile even as you leave the dental office after your appointment. Therefore you must decide carefully and select an option best suited for your unique needs.

What Can You Expect When Getting in Office Teeth Whitening from the Dentist?

Expect the dentist to explicitly give you a personalized treatment plan after examining your teeth and gums while also supervising the treatment to avoid complications. When you visit teeth whitening near me, the dentist first inspects your teeth and gums to ensure they are free from infections that make you ineligible for the treatment. If your dental health is in appropriate condition, the dentist cleans your teeth to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to discolored teeth.

Professional in-office teeth whitening treatments require about an hour to complete. The process involves applying a whitening gel containing around 25 to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide to your teeth and accelerating the bleaching process with a heating lamp for four fifteen-minute intervals. The soft tissue of your mouth receives protection from the bleaching ingredients with cheek retractors and rubber dams over your gums. At the end of one hour, you notice visible results with your teeth appearing brighter by several shades than earlier.

Dentists can also provide teeth whitening trays with low concentration bleaching gel if you wish to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening treatments longer. The trays are molded for your teeth and come with instructions on how and when to use them for about 30 minutes to one hour every day.

In-office teeth whitening treatments from dentists deliver instant results, and the at-home trays allow you to maintain the results longer. However, the prices for dentist-administered teeth whitening treatments are higher than over-the-counter products. They will likely set you back by approximately $ 650 for in-office treatments and another $ 400 for custom-created at-home trays to maintain the whitening results. However, the treatment is entirely safe and is one you can have without fear or anxiety because even the American Dental Association recommends it to whiten teeth.

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