Sometimes during the teeth straightening process, some additional anchorage is needed to align and secure the teeth properly. When this is called for, a small micro-implant is fixed to the bone so that any challenging tooth movement becomes possible.

In most cases, utilizing micro-implants in New York can help reduce the time your braces will need to be on. It can also provide a different option for surgical correction or other kinds of implants.

At Smile Up Pediatric Dentistry, we can perform these kinds of operations so that you can continue to get closer to having the smile of your dreams.

What are Micro-Implants?

Micro-implants are an anchorage system that is used alongside metal braces to help align and correct teeth. They are small implants attached to the bone so that it’s easier to enable the movement of the teeth into the desired location. It can also be useful when a tooth is tilted or in other abnormal positions.

Using micro-implants can speed up the process of teeth alignment treatment. It can also be a less expensive and less intrusive method than other surgical procedures that may need to be done to modify tooth position. This is something that our dentist in New York offers as a viable treatment option.

How do Micro-Implants Work?

Our dentist near you may suggest micro-implants when a more stable anchor is required to complete teeth alignment treatments. Local or topical anesthesia will be used to numb the area where the micro-implant will be set. After allowing time for healing, these will then be used to further teeth straightening.

Often, they are used to replace headgears, which can be more inconvenient for a patient. Finding a solution that’s right for you and that you are comfortable with is important. Having a procedure like this can be scary, but it shouldn’t deter you from your dream smile.

Finding reliable micro-implants near you is as easy as giving us a call. Our dentist in New York at Smile Up Pediatric Dentistry can answer any questions you have about the procedure and discuss different options with you so that you can make an informed decision.

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