Braces have come a long way, with more options available to you than ever. One of those options is Invisalign. These are the braces of the 21st century, doing away with metals and wires in favor of a more comfortable approach.

If you are interested in finding Invisalign near you, call or stop into Smile Up Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. We strive to provide convenient Invisalign in New York, NY and the surrounding areas. Our caring dentists near you can help you fix your misaligned teeth for a healthy, stunning smile.

At Smile Up Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, your satisfaction is important to us. We want you to be pleased with the appearance of your teeth. With our expertise and Invisalign’s ease of use, you can enjoy a straighter smile that you’ll be proud of.

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What Is It?

Invisalign is a radical departure from traditional braces. Instead of metal and wire, Invisalign uses convenient, clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. When you come in for Invisalign treatment, we will make several sets of these clear aligners specifically for your teeth.

Each set is worn for two weeks, gradually straightening your teeth over time. By the time you reach your final set of plastic aligners, you will have beautiful, straight teeth.

Who Needs Invisalign?

Designed for teens and adults, Invisalign helps our patients who have crooked, misaligned teeth. Children are discouraged from this treatment option, although exceptions are made in specific cases when the child’s needs warrant Invisalign.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Adults finish up with Invisalign treatment anywhere between 12 and 18 months. Teenagers may require slightly more time for their treatment to complete. Many of our patients begin to notice improvements in their teeth just two weeks after starting Invisalign treatment.

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