Is Invisalign Treatment Worth Getting?

Is Invisalign Treatment Worth Getting?

June 1, 2023

Crooked teeth can affect your oral health and also your self-esteem. Do you hide your smile whenever someone tries to take your picture? Does it have something to do with your teeth? If the answer is yes, visiting the dentist who fixes Invisalign in New York, NY, is essential. Like braces, Invisalign can treat various teeth misalignment problems. So, are these clear aligners good for you or your kids? Below you will find answers to the mentioned questions and more. So, let’s get into it.

What Problems Can Be Treated with Invisalign?

If your child has crooked teeth, they may affect their diet and social life. This is because other kids may make fun of the teeth, significantly affecting their self-esteem. Therefore, opting for Invisalign would be best as it provides a discreet treatment for mishappen teeth. When you visit the pediatric dentist in Upper East Side, they will inform you of the problems that Invisalign aligners can fix. They include:

  • Minor dental crowding.
  • Minor tooth rotation.
  • Intrusion.
  • Orthodontic relapse- where you had braces in the past, but the teeth are now shifting to their previous position.
  • Widely-spaced teeth.

Is Invisalign Suitable for Your Kid?

The answer to this question depends on you and your kid. Can you trust your child to wear the Invisalign trays for more than 20 hours a day and keep them in a secure place when not in use? If the answer is no, then it would be best to consult with the pediatric dentist near you about other alternatives for fixing crooked teeth.

One of the most common methods for fixing crooked teeth in kids is using traditional braces. They are recommended as they’re not removable; therefore, your kid will go through the treatment according to the pediatric dentist’s recommendation.

Is Invisalign Suitable for Adults?

It is essential to know that orthodontic treatment is crucial in preventing dental problems like periodontal disease and tooth cavities. So, are these clear aligners suitable for adults? For adults uncomfortable with wearing traditional braces, Invisalign provides a discreet option for treating misshapen teeth. However, Invisalign aligners are recommended for treating mild tooth misalignment issues. Braces will work best if you have severe teeth misalignment.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

  • Invisalign promotes better oral health in the short and long term- when you go for orthodontic treatment, the orthodontist will provide tips for taking care of your teeth and clear aligners during the treatment. Following the orthodontist’s aftercare tips lead to the treatment of crooked teeth and improved oral health.
  • Provides a discreet orthodontic treatment- the traditional braces have metallic wires that hold your teeth in position. Unfortunately, not every patient is comfortable walking around with visible wires. The good news is Invisalign has clear aligners making them virtually invisible while still treating crooked teeth.
  • They are removable- you can eat anything as you can remove the Invisalign aligners. Additionally, if you experience any discomfort, you can remove your clear aligners and contact the orthodontist for adjustments.
  • They treat various teeth misalignment problems.
  • You’re aware of what you’re drinking and eating- after the placement of the Invisalign braces, the dentist provides tips that can help you take care of your aligners. Some tips include foods and drinks you can consume and foods to avoid during the treatment. Following the recommendations makes you more aware of the foods and beverages you consume.
  • They require fewer dental appointments than traditional braces- Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit in your mouth comfortably. Therefore, you won’t need to visit the dentist for adjustments, which is common with traditional braces.
  • They are comfortable- typically, Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces, which contain metallic wires that can hurt the soft tissues in the mouth if not fixed well.

How is Invisalign Placed on Teeth?

The first stage is the consultation process- it is at this stage that the dentist determines whether the clear aligners are right for you. The dentist will inquire about your readiness to wear the trays for almost 24 hours daily.

Next, if the dentist determines that Invisalign are right for you, they create a treatment plan. X-rays and impressions of your teeth are taken and taken to the lab to create the Invisalign trays. This might take a month.

Once the Invisalign is ready, you will visit Smile Up NYC for the placement. As the treatment progresses, you will be given a set of new aligners to bring your teeth into straighter positions.

When the treatment is done, retainers will be recommended to give your jawbones time to solidify in your new teeth position.

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